All work can be in either British or American English as required.

Copy Editing

  • Copy editing is about combing your document for errors and improving grammar, spelling, punctuation, and problems with syntax.

  • When copy editing, I standardize text, making stylistic decisions according to your preferred manual of style (for punctuation, source citations, capitalization, abbreviations, foreign words, quotations, etc.).


Per word or per hour rate available on request.

Line Editing

  • In addition to copy editing, line editing takes a more active role in suggesting and initiating changes to the content of the document; including sentence polishing and rewording to improve clarity and flow.

  • Quality line editing frees your work of any repetition, clumsy wording, an overuse of passive voice, and convoluted sentence structure.

  • When line editing, I also check facts and terminology, rearrange sections where necessary, and rework subheadings and chapter titles to make them catchier, funnier or more dramatic according to the tone of the piece. All the while keeping the voice true to the client.


Per word or per hour rate available on request.


  • There is magic in writing. The right words can inspire us, capture memories, and save lives. They shape our decision-making and bridge the gap between imagination and realization. And with global communication possible in a matter of seconds now, we can share information, stories, and data to a far wider audience than ever before. In a moment—a heartbeat even. Making the written word one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. Reach millions with powerful prose and compelling content.


Per word or per hour rate available on request.

Ghostwriting commissions will incur a 15% total project surcharge.

Standard Hourly Rate

  • For long term contracts that require a mix of all of my skills, I would recommend adopting an hourly rate per month. 

$60 per hour / 1900 THB per hour / £45 per hour

White Papers

  • I’ll collaborate with you to develop the topic and approach, dream up a great title, and strategize the development of the piece.

  • As well as writing engaging content, I’ll recommend graphics where possible to craft a visually appealing white paper which strengthens your brand and showcases you as a thought leader in your market niche.

$200 per page 

6,500 THB per page

£150 per page

Turnaround Times

Standard turnaround time is four working days unless quoted otherwise per project. For priority works that require a shorter time frame, a surcharge of 20% of the project total may be applicable. 

All writing and editing projects include two rounds of revision.

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